The future-proof working environment

The future-proof working environment

At the start of 2020, we were all suddenly obliged to work from home if we could. How smoothly – or otherwise – that change went in your organization will have depended largely on how much digitization there was beforehand. But what is clear is that the shift towards digitization in the workplace accelerated significantly in the first half of this year. Now we have all seen what is possible – and so much is possible.

New systems and infrastructures were rapidly put in place, and sometimes imperfectly, simply because everything had to happen so quickly. Our colleague Dirk van Sichem wrote a blog post on this subject (How transition projects are being completed in no time … and successfully too!) and Marcel Besteman also gave an interview about the implementation of Microsoft Teams as a collaboration platform ‘on the fly’.


Now that the immediate urgency has passed, this is the perfect moment to take stock and make a proper plan for a future-proof digital workplace. What are the priorities, now that the first urgent steps have been taken? How do want your organization’s working environment to look in five years from now, or in ten years? Which outdated standards can we leave behind, and how can we create a pleasant, future-proof working environment for ‘the new normal’? These are kinds of questions that we will be very happy to support you with.

Choose an all-round approach

If you want to future-proof your organization properly and build a robust foundation for the future, you’ll need an integrated plan. A plan that addresses every aspect of your business. Often, the focus is on opportunities in IT and Tech, but aspects such as Security, Legal, Human Resources and Facility Management also have a major impact your working environment. This can include remote working policies, mobility plans and which facilities are needed, but there are countless other issues in these areas that will be different for every organization.


At Transition Experts we have developed an approach that involves looking at which elements need to be tackled and which dependencies are involved for your organization, one step at a time. Maybe you are able to handle things for yourself in the areas of HR and Legal, but you need support in the area of Facility Management. Or vice versa.


We always opt for a flexible approach. Not a standardized process, but an approach that meets the specific needs of your organization. And then we will find the right partners to put those plans into effect, with Transition Experts acting as your primary point of contact. This enables you to take the right steps quickly and efficiently.

Your partner for transformation

As change managers, we specialize in transitions and transformations. The focus is usually on IT, but it’s very rarely on IT alone. After all, the impact of a major IT transition will always be wider than just IT. Our role in the project will always relate to change and transformation, overseeing the change process and supporting every part of the organization that will be affected by that change. So we are used to working across many different disciplines.


As change managers, change is the one constant for us. We look at the people, the processes and the business. Exactly the same applies to this transformation, involving the way you organize your working environment and the way your people do their work. We look at every aspect of your organization, any other projects that are going on, and the continuity of your operations.


Would you like to exchange ideas about how to future-proof your work environment, where your organization currently stands and what issues you are facing? Then why not get in touch with Gert Veldhuis on (+31) 085 – 487 29 01 or at

About Modular Digital Transformation

The future-proof working environment is just one of the themes that we provide as part of our ‘Modular Digital Transformation‘. This is made up of various modules, such as CIO as a Service and User Experience Monitoring (UXM), and it’s the smart way to approach digital innovation and transformation. It enables you to innovate step by step, in exactly the areas where your organization needs it!


These modules can easily be combined as required. And as always, we offer customized solutions because every organization and every issue is different. Would you like to find out more about what we can do for your organization in the field of Digital Transformation in general or the Future-Proof Working Environment in particular? Then please contact us. And if you have any specific questions or requirements, do not hesitate to mention these to us.