Work area

Work area

Transition Experts is originally a Dutch company, based in Utrecht. We work on global IT projects, both large and small. From European SMEs and large companies to multinationals. We also serve the German market from our branch in Germany.

We have worked for a large variety of companies over the past ten years. The government, care institutions, business service providers and other companies in the Netherlands and abroad. Sometimes local (in the Netherlands, or indeed local abroad), sometimes worldwide for the global roll-out of a change project. We love that variety and it keeps us on our toes. Our work area is therefore quite extensive, both where the locations and where the customers are concerned.

Local, International, Global

IT transitions generally pay no attention to country boundaries, and that applies to us too. Our extensive experience with worldwide projects has put us in an excellent position to be of service to you with international transitions or transformations. Our branches in the Netherlands and Germany means we also have a clear overview of the international market.

For SMEs to multinationals

Our portfolio also includes a large number of customers who apparently have little in common with each other. After all, nice assignments have little to do with your organisation’s format or sector. We would be happy to get to work for you.

Specialised in Dutch – German projects

With branches and experienced IT specialists in both the Netherlands and Germany, we have an excellent overview of the market in both countries. It therefore goes without saying we would be happy to be of service to you with projects being worked on in both countries. This could include, for example, the merging or perhaps splitting of IT, large-scale migrations and (out)sourcing projects for Dutch-German companies.


From small cultural differences and native German IT specialists to laws and regulations: Dutch/German IT transitions are our speciality. We are happy to make references available upon request. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for an introduction or for more information.


Are you curious about what we could do for your organisation? Leave us your details or call us for a no-obligation introduction. Of course, a specific issue would be fine too. We would be happy to think along with you!