The added value offered by Transition Experts

The added value offered by Transition Experts

Major IT change projects are certainly not an everyday matter for most organisations. In fact, change is the constant factor for Transition Experts. We are the perfect partner for managing these types of projects as a result of our strong focus, knowledge and experience in the field of major IT changes!


Irrespective of whether it concerns new software, hardware, processes or another IT transition – it takes quite some doing. Careful prior thought is (usually…) given to requirements and wishes, possibilities and impossibilities and ideas for the future. Suitable partners are sought, thought is given to contracts, removed again, there are meetings and negotiations.


When you have finally reached the point of that last signature, things are only just beginning for as far as we are concerned: the transition or transformation is perhaps the most important phase of an IT change project.

The transition phase

After all, a great deal has to happen between the signing of the contract and reaching the goals set. Transparent expectations, clear agreements and a solid preparation all play a crucial role in the success of a transition.


A good composition of a project team is also vital for a successful transition. The transition manager’s role is indispensable within this process, but we also contribute to the experience which is so necessary to make these specific projects a success for all the other roles. Based on their expertise and personal skills, our professionals create a solid foundation for the whole process, with the direct result that all parties commit themselves to the desired end goal.


A good transition manager will look after you in three different ways:

  • A successful transition, with clear agreements
    We organise the transfer from the existing situation to the new situation(s) in the IT environment. The focus is thereby on a successful transition, with the customer’s wishes playing a key role. We clearly agree on which factors are important beforehand, where planning, quality versus quantity and specific wishes are concerned.
  • Cost management and transparency
    Cost management is both important and complex where transitions are concerned. Costs soon become non-transparent because building, management, transition, transformation and changes overlap. We monitor the scope and file extra costs where they belong. We use customised tools and best practices for the transition’s execution, reporting and progress.
  • Advocacy and expertise in change
    There are always two or more parties involved with every change project. Generally a customer and a supplier, or several suppliers. Transitions are not an everyday matter where these parties are concerned. Plus there is also a question of conflicting interests: who will take (cost) responsibility for any unforeseen matters? Our self-employed transition managers are specialised in change processes and know all the pitfalls and focus points.

The advantages of Transition Experts

Good transition managers are scarce. This also applies to (senior) project managers and all kinds of other roles within IT. Yet we have a large number of these resources within our reach. If you involve Transition Experts for your transition, transformation or IT project, you can count on the following advantages:

  • Years of specific experience in transitions and transformations
    The team of Transition Experts has already been focused on transitions and transformations for almost ten years. Transition Experts is the first and only independent international specialist for advice and implementation of IT transitions and transformations. The majority of our team and specialists have already been taking part in IT and change projects for 20 or 30 years. We would be happy to use that specific knowledge and experience for your project.
  • Well versed both technically and on a project basis
    Each and every one of our transition specialists are true professionals. Well versed both technically and on a project basis: a vital combination for transition management. We are happy to be of service to you, both at management level and deeply embedded within the technology.
  • Extensive network of specialists in all roles
    Our network of specialists is unique to Transition Experts . In addition to our core team, we have gathered a large group of professionals over the years who like working with and for us. Professionals we can depend on. Always people we have personally worked well with and who we make use of with complete peace of mind. From architects and system administrators to security experts and service managers. This allows us to deal with all projects, regardless of the content or format.
  • Independent and transparent
    Transition Experts represents no interests other than those of the customer. We are not tied to specific suppliers, technologies, methodologies or other customers. Our mission is to always successfully complete a transition or transformation. View our references
  • Limited investment with significant consequences
    In our practice we have demonstrated that hiring a transition manager doesn’t involve a single percent (!) of the total sourcing costs. An investment which is amply earned back and is therefore worth considering. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or an introduction .
  • Local, international, global
    IT transitions generally pay no attention to country boundaries and that applies to us too. Our considerable experience in global projects means we are happy to be of service to you for any international transitions or transformations. We also have a clear overview of the international market with branches in the Netherlands and Germany.
  • For SMEs, large companies and multinationals, regardless of the sector
    Our portfolio includes a large number of customers who apparently have little in common with each other. Local companies, multinationals, profit and non-profit. Organisations in the care sector, infra, energy and business services. After all, nice assignments have little to do with your organisation’s format or sector. We would be happy to get to work for you.