Transition Experts: first class IT professionals

Transition Experts: first class IT professionals

Transition Experts provides top quality services for transition projects. We realise like no other that our quality succeeds or fails with the people we use. This is exactly why we devote significant investments to further reinforcing and expanding our network of specialists.


But… what does this network offer you as a specialist?

Interesting and challenging assignments

Transition Experts is the first and only independent international specialist for advice and implementation of IT transitions and transformations. We offer interesting and challenging assignments, sometimes possibly also with an international allure. We have a considerably large market available to us, partly as a result of our worldwide activities and our branch in Germany. We can offer challenging work, not just as a result of our excellent reputation in the market, but also thanks to our network of specialists. We are happy to help each other obtain assignments within our network.


In addition to individual agreements, we also enter into framework agreements with larger customers. This allows us to offer projects which are difficult to achieve for self-employed parties.

Highly knowledgeable professionals

You never work on a project alone at Transition Experts. Our core team will always continue to be the fixed point of contact for you and your team and will continue to hold final responsibility (for the assignment). We will always be ready to be of assistance when support or coaching is required. Do you need a review by an architect, or would you occasionally like to coordinate matters with another specialist during a project? We can organise that for you too. We do everything in our power to provide our customers with the highest possible quality and optimal support. Irrespective of whether we deploy an individual specialist or a whole team.


However, this intensive support and coaching doesn’t mean Transition Experts is only of interest to IT specialists at the start of their career: certainly not. There are men and women with all kinds of different backgrounds and specialisations within our network of professionals. Sometimes with just a few years of experience, or some with an impressive 30 years of specialist knowledge. The one certain fact is that they are highly knowledgeable professionals you can depend on. Please contact us for an introduction if this sounds appealing to you.

Sharing knowledge

What use is a network of specialists if you don’t benefit from each other’s knowledge? That’s right, no use whatsoever. This is why we work on the development of products for particular target groups together, such as municipalities or the care sector. This is one of the reasons we easily establish contact with potential customers.


We also regularly organise knowledge sessions, during which one of our professionals goes into his or her specialism in more depth, as well as a monthly get-together. The aim is always the same: to share knowledge with like-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere. These get-togethers and sessions are, of course, completely free of obligation (and lots of fun).

The right person at the right place

Transition Experts is not a secondment agency or matchmaker. We don’t supply our customers with ‘handymen’ and we don’t provide our professionals with ‘odd jobs’. We attach a great deal of value to ‘the right person at the right place’. Both for you and for our customers. Our network of professionals therefore consists of a large group of people who like to work with us and for us. Professionals you can depend on and whom we confidently involve in our teams.


This network of professionals is exclusive. You can’t just join. We abide by one important rule for the further expansion and reinforcement of our network: at least one of us has had personal experience with the specialist in previous projects, or has been given a positive impression in another way. Allowing us to say with absolute certainty: Transition Experts is the place to go for top professionals.

Our IT professionals’ experiences

We have worked on all manner of different projects since Transition Experts’ foundation back in 2010. From simple transactions to extensive IT transformations, large international assignments and interesting issues for SMEs. Long-term, short-term, at all levels and with various roles and functions.

Practical support for our specialists

You work with and for Transition Experts as a result of the great assignments. Large or small, local or on the other side of the world, with a team of professionals, on complex projects which challenge you. That’s really already plenty of reason. But we also offer our specialists practical support in various different ways, such as in following courses and the use of tools.

Do you want to find out more?

Are you curious about what we can do for you? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.