Practical support for our specialists

Practical support for our specialists

You work with and for Transition Experts as a result of the great assignments. Large or small, local or on the other side of the world, with a team of professionals, on complex projects which challenge you. That’s really already plenty of reason. But we also offer our specialists practical support in various different ways, such as in following courses and the use of tools.


Keeping your certificates up-to-date is very important within IT. We offer specialists the opportunity, together with their professional colleagues, to follow courses or update certificates. By doing this collectively and sharing the costs, this can be done at a considerably reduced rate and the course is held in a pleasant environment.


Every IT specialist knows: people and knowledge are important, but you are nowhere without tools. You will have access to Office 365 whilst working on Transition Experts projects, with standard facilities such as email, diary and communication tools. A Sharepoint environment also forms part of this, within which your project team can work together online. This ensures you have one place for important documents, action lists and planning.


We also offer the internally developed Transition management Tool InControl© for transition projects and Project management methodology TERM©. Project teams can make use of this free of charge. The tools and methods have been specifically developed by our transition managers, for their colleagues, based on best practices.


We also offer a large amount of template documents for transition projects. These ‘best practice’ templates have constantly been further developed with years of experience and sound documentation is guaranteed.

Location & secretariat

You are very welcome to a workplace or meeting and presentation room at our office in Utrecht. Support from our secretariat is possible too; just ask about the possibilities.


You are automatically covered by our company and professional liability insurances when working for one of Transition Experts’ customers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about this.


The suspension of the enforcement of the Employment Relations Deregulation Act (Wet deregulering beoordeling arbeidsrelaties (DBA)) has been extended until 1 January 2020. This means that, until that time, principals and contractors will not receive any fines or levies if an employment relationship is later established.


Pending new legislation, Transition Experts will continue to make use of the model agreement established within the DBA framework by the tax authorities. This limits the uncertainty with regard to the nature of the employment relationship for the contractor (self-employed person), principal (Transition Experts) as well as the customer.

Want to know more?

We would be happy to tell you more about the practical support we offer our specialists. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!