Our IT professionals’ experiences

Our IT professionals’ experiences

We have worked on all manner of different projects since Transition Experts’ foundation back in 2010. From simple transactions to extensive IT transformations, large international assignments and interesting issues for SMEs. Long-term, short-term, at all levels and with various roles and functions.


Are you curious about what we’re working on right now? Would you like to speak to a specialist who has worked with us on various projects? Are you interested in a nice project, are you looking for support for an ongoing assignment, or would you just like to exchange ideas? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can read a short case study by four of our specialists below. See also: recent projects and customers.

“…I like to make use of this as a self-employed person”

Dirk Cikot Roos is perhaps the longest continually deployed professional within our network. He has continuously worked for customers such as EY and DB Schenker since 2011. Both organisations have asked him to take on consecutive projects. A clear sign the collaboration is mutually satisfactory.

“I’ve worked on nice assignments for Transition Experts for many years. As far as I am concerned, the absolute proof of a good match. There is a great deal of knowledge available and the team has a strong network and, as a self-employed person, I am happy to make use of that. As soon as you have been involved with a project for a while, you are included in it. It then very quickly changes from an individual performance to a team effort.”

Dirk Cikot Roos
Self-employed project manager, continually active for Transition Experts since 2011

What I personally enjoy is the direct involvement. Transition Experts’ team is very hands-on too, they do the same work as I do. For example, during my current project, I have conducted a call with one of the partners every two weeks, to discuss how the project is going and what’s going on. Just going through everything as equals, a bit like acquiring a second opinion. This is really anchored in the process.

“An experience I wouldn’t have wanted to miss!”

Our transition manager Frans Moens indicated that, after having worked for various customers in the Netherlands and abroad for some 25 years, he wanted to go abroad for a longer period of time. He left for Malaysia for almost four months for one of our customers.

The project: a major global player wanted to move from several service providers to one global service provider. The first step, from local services in Europe, had already largely been completed. The following step: Asia, where our transition manager got to work with both a transition team from the customer and the new service provider, in order to also make the transfer of the local services a success over there.

Frans Moens
Self-employed IT manager, specialised in transition management, regularly active for Transition Experts

Fantastic to work in a completely different environment for a longer period of time. I regularly worked on international projects before, but hardly ever on location for any length of time. Working with a local team for four months was an experience I wouldn’t have wanted to miss. Indeed: the next international project may well be in the planning...

“I feel like I have colleagues”

Nicolette has already been active as a self-employed person in IT project management for 20+ years. She came into contact with Transition Experts for the first time about five years ago. She has now completed various different projects, with big names like EY.


“It’s great that all administration with clients is taken care of. Everything is well organised and communicating with these people is great. My first project with Transition Experts was one for EY. It’s great when everything has already been organised with the customer. Transition Experts also made sure I entered EY well prepared. We immediately had a good match.”


Nice detail: Nicolette also runs Slowwines, focussed on organic and organically dynamic wine. She has supplied the Transition Experts with house wines for years, definitely highly recommended!

Nicolette Honsbeek
Self-employed project and interim manager, active for Transition Experts since 2014

The thing I like best is that Transition Experts makes sure that, as a self-employed person, I feel like I have colleagues. There is always time and scope for consultations or a sounding board. I often work on international projects with complex communication and, at times, cultural differences too. It is really good to then be able to fall back on a team of acquaintances with a great deal of experience in this area. That really makes me feel like I have colleagues.

“Interesting assignments and challenge”

Our collaboration with Gerard Persoon is typically one of ‘the right person at the right time’. Gerard started out as a self-employed person during the same period Transition Experts was first founded. He was able to instantly be deployed for a project at IBM and was later also active for, to name but a few, Haaglanden Medical Centre and DB Schenker.

“Working with Transition Experts is just a great experience. You know where you stand with each other. Interesting assignments, no nonsense. And I enjoy continuing to expand my network and gaining new knowledge indirectly. The knowledge sessions at Transition Experts are interesting to follow. I myself recently gave a session about Blockchain. It’s good to learn about each other’s areas of expertise with ‘colleagues’.”

Gerard Persoon
Blockchain specialist and self-employed project manager/consultant, regularly active for Transition Experts since 2010

To me Transition Experts represents a guarantee for interesting assignments and challenges. I have considerably broad interests and enjoy exploring new technologies. I enjoy getting my teeth into a subject in between assignments. I will subsequently be busy with intensive self-study for a few months. Previously, for instance, with Linked and Open Data, more recently with Blockchain. I like to solve complex ICT problems and, for as far as I am concerned, Blockchain is an important enabler for future developments. I can make good practical use my whole range of knowledge at Transition Experts.

You can find more examples of our recent projects and customers under references. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with specific questions or for more information.