OT IT Integration Services

OT IT Integration Services

The Operational Technology (OT) world is becoming more connected and intertwined with the Information Technology (IT) world. OT focusses on efficiency, safety, integrity and above all, availability. By increasingly using IT Platforms and modern IT technologies, network connectivity and (Operating) Systems, the focus should also be on OT Cybersecurity.


IT has had that focus for many years, and especially today, security is more important than ever. Digitalization is currently an essential driver for IT-OT integration that is nowadays called Industry 4.0. Organizations can only stay competitive if they have an integrated process and information flow.


OT and IT Integration is a process that involves a wide range of technologies, processes and, most importantly, the organization (people). Instead of keeping IT and OT maintenance organizations separate from each other, it would benefit both IT and OT environments if the knowledge and skills of those who manage them would be shared and experiences used to learn from each other. It should become one organization.


This integration would enable the organization – for example – to:

  • monitor security in IT and OT from one place with the best possible tools and experts
  • patch IT and OT systems with the same high standard of quality, preparation and execution to improve reliability and availability for both IT and OT
  • make sure harmonized technology is used between IT and OT as much as possible
  • increase efficiency (do more with less)


The services Transition Experts provide (together with their partners) include:

  • definition, commissioning and monitoring connections between OT and IT systems
  • implementation of tools needed to manage the OT and IT environments
  • the design and implementation of a state of the art security standard in IT and OT systems
  • migration of legacy systems and end of life hardware (EOL)
  • definition, implementation and migration of virtualization solutions
  • network security checks (simulated or real attacks) to find vulnerabilities and implement security improvements
  • a transformation of the actual organization (people) that supports both IT and OT environments (resources, skills, trainings, and procedures)
  • support in creating all the necessary documentation for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)


OT IT integration is a transformation that should be planned, managed and controlled with the best possible partner you can get.


Transition Experts has many years of experience in managing transformations. We can take on the responsibility for a complete (integration) program, a particular project or provide a specific resource like Transformation Managers, Project Managers or specialists to add specific skills, expertise or capacity to your (IT and OT) organization.