Digital transformations come in a variety of types and sizes...

Digital transformations come in a variety of types and sizes...

Digital transformations are extensive and often complex too. Working with Modular Digital Transformation allows us to keep a clear overview. This is our way of approaching digital transformations, without getting snowed under.


Various techniques and disciplines are subdivided into modules which can easily be combined. This ensures our modular approach covers all forms of digital transformation. And this is how we tackle those exact matters which represent a hindrance to your organisation in a targeted and efficient manner.


Digital transformation is a broad concept and we like to make use of its extensive scope. We are active in a wide range of themes, from pure technology (such as big data, cloud or RPA) to associated disciplines such as contract management and legal aspects.

How does (modular) digital transformation work?

Digital Transformation affects all possible processes within your organisation, the way in which your employees work and the technical infrastructure you use. Our approach focuses on the cohesion of those three subjects.


You want to (and have to!) find out which areas of your organisation and which processes will benefit the most from the correct type of digitalisation. We will start off with quickly creating a complete overview of the current situation, after which we’ll decide where to start. Once we have acquired an overview of the entire playing field, we will take a closer look at the areas which will produce the most and fastest benefits, or the ones which will stand in the way of further innovation.


We will subsequently select one or more modules which suit the problem and get to work. We analyse, plan, execute and evaluate. And we will take a small step back as soon as we have realised our first success, look at the complete picture and either fine-tune or select the next subject.


We will make sure you are always in control. We will evaluate every step together and take a close look at all the benefits. How will this step affect the processes and people? What about the quality and the savings? Are we happy with the effect?

Modular digital transformation

The modules we offer include solutions such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Data-driven working
  • Development of mobile apps
  • Document Management & Collaboration:
    • MS Team Adoption
    • MS Cloud Voice
    • Document Management
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Legacy-free IT
  • Modern Workplace & Office 365
  • OT IT Integration Services
  • Smart to the cloud

But also less technical subjects like:

We offer these themes with a beginning and an end, from A to Z. We would be happy to organise the entire project for you, offering you the benefit of our thorough knowledge of the material. The modules can easily be combined too. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t provide you with a tailor-made solution: every organisation is unique and we would gladly rise to the challenge of working with your specific requirements and wishes.

Would you like to be one step ahead of the competition, give innovation a boost or simply increase quality and efficiency? Contact us free of obligation. We would be happy to think along with you.