Organising smooth, carefree<br> IT transitions – that’s what we do!

Organising smooth, carefree
IT transitions – that’s what we do!

Major IT change projects are certainly not an everyday matter for most organisations. Change is actually the constant factor to us. We are the perfect partner for managing these types of projects as a result of our strong focus, knowledge and experience in the IT transition and transformation field. From A to Z, at detail level or at high level, both in the Netherlands and abroad. In line with your exact requirements.

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A difficult project did not get off to a good start during the initial phase. Resulting in increased time pressure and frustration for all the parties involved. Transition Experts mapped out the issues and subsequently ensured all stakeholders were perfectly aligned. A solid plan ensured the transition was ultimately completed within the set period.

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Why cyber security deserves more attention in Operational Technology (OT)

Why cyber security deserves more attention in Operational Technology (OT)

Where Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) used to be clearly separated worlds, these two are getting more and more connected and intertwined – it is called Industry 4.0. Unfortunately, we regularly see that insufficient attention is paid to the consequences of this interweaving in the field of cyber security. Read more.

The latest international news: Asia!

The latest international news: Asia!

In the ten years since Transition Experts was founded, we have managed countless projects in Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East and Asia. In addition to our head office in Utrecht, we have also had an office in Germany for many years, and starting this year Transition Experts will also have a location in Malaysia. We’d like to tell you more about the story behind our new office! Read more.


Digital transformations come in a variety of types and sizes...

Digital transformations are extensive and often complex too. Working with Modular Digital Transformation allows us to keep a clear overview. This is our way of approaching digital transformations, without getting snowed under.   Various techniques and disciplines are subdivided into modules which can easily be combined. This ensures our modular approach covers all forms of digital transformation. And this is how we tackle those exact matters which represent a hindrance to your organisation in a targeted and efficient manner.

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Organising smooth, carefree IT transitions – that’s what we do! We would gladly support you and offer you peace of mind with all manner of IT transformation and IT transition issues. From SMEs to multinationals, local or international, from small migrations to complex cases. In a way which works best for you, your organisation and the project.

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