Our IT specialists

Our IT specialists

Transition Experts is made up of a core team of partners, project managers and transition managers. This team is supported by a large team of specialists, who are happy to get to work for us and with us on a project basis. Specialists in all possible areas, with a wide variety of backgrounds and experience.


Our team of IT specialists is made up of, for instance, programme managers, technical specialists and architects, as well as packagers and Microsoft and VDI specialists. All experienced professionals with knowledge of specific matters, whom you can depend on. Professionals we confidently use for our projects.

The right person at the right place

We know like no other that Transition Experts will either succeed or fail based on the quality we supply. And that quality significantly depends on the people we use. We therefore greatly value ‘the right person at the right place’.


Transition Experts is not a secondment agency, matchmaker or transfer agency for staff. Irrespective of who we use for a project, we will always be your permanent contact point and remain responsible (for the assignment).

Always the right team

Complex assignments require a team which is at home in all markets. Switching is easy for us. If we come across unforeseen issues, a specialist is quickly involved in the project. Is an interim review by an architect required, does a project manager want to spar with a colleague who can look at the matter with a fresh pair of eyes? Not a problem. Our large group of specialists means we can always find the right person to join in for a little while or for a longer period of time.


That applies to unforeseen issues as well as (temporary) IT reinforcements for the customer. Is extra manpower required on the help desk during the transition? Do people need to be trained internally? Is there resistance on the shop floor where work has to be carried out? Our specialists are happy to do what it takes for your organisation.


Are you a (self-employed) IT professional and would you like to know more about working for Transition Experts? You can find more information here.

Enthusiasm & expertise

Our specialists are at home in all markets and all have one thing in common: they like to get to work with complex material. Our people ‘thrive’ on transitions and transformations and are committed to bringing each project to a successful completion together.


You may well think it’s not particularly difficult for self-employed IT specialists to find customers. Our people enjoy getting to work for Transition Experts because of the interesting and challenging assignments, often international and generally complex. These assignments are almost always carried out by teams of specialists in all kinds of different roles and levels, who are all perfectly attuned to each other. These are assignments which are difficult to obtain for a self-employed specialist.


In short, we are happy to help you find the right person at the right place. Within a transition project, or possibly as a temporary reinforcement for other types of IT projects and programmes. Are you looking for a specific IT specialist, or are you just curious about what we can do for your organisation? Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation introduction. We would be happy to think along with you!