Dennis Akkerman joins our team <br> & news on our new workshops!

Dennis Akkerman joins our team
& news on our new workshops!

< Overview News 29-10-2020

So much has happened in recent months! 2020 has turned into a remarkable year, with the changes that we’ve all had to make at work and in our lives more generally. And that applies to us at Transition Experts too, of course. During this period, working from home, we held a flurry of online meetings and seized the opportunity to develop new services and build new partnerships. Now we’d like to tell you all about them!

A new team member: Dennis Akkerman

Some of you may already know Dennis Akkerman from previous (international) projects or from one of our events, because he has been a familiar face at Transition Experts for some time already. He has managed several international projects and regularly plays an active role in our workshops and training programmes.


Dennis lives in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and works mainly in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He’s an expert in cultural differences and the other challenges of international business. And with his strong background in both business and IT, his knowledge is such a valuable asset at every level.


Gert Veldhuis: “Last year we had the opportunity to work with Dennis on several transition projects in the Asia region, supported by a number of local (Asian) project managers and specialists. That meant our customers in the region were able to benefit from the enormous advantage of utilizing local resources. We had the right people with the right knowledge – in the right place! No travelling time, no travel expenses, and local rates. And of course, our local specialists are already familiar with the local culture and have all the right knowledge and expertise. Plus… ever since we began working mainly from home due to coronavirus, we’ve also been able to deploy those project managers and specialists to work on projects in Europe, too. Remote working is increasingly becoming the norm, and we are seeing noticeable cost savings because we can deploy this type of resource.”


Welcome to our team, Dennis! An excellent addition to the team, especially in view of the increasing volume of international work that we are doing.


More about Dennis Akkerman:


Dennis is an experienced project manager, consultant and trainer and has over 15 years of (international) management experience. He supports and advises organizations on digital transformation and ICT (both strategy and transition), often in an international context.


Dennis is also a resource partner for Transition Experts in the Asian region, and he deploys locally based project managers and specialists to work on projects and sub-projects for our international clients.


As well as that, Dennis regularly works as a trainer. In that role, he is able to share his knowledge with others – always with great enthusiasm and using memorable examples. Dennis is committed, driven and full of energy: the type of trainer that every course participant would wish for!

New workshops

Although we’ve been providing a wide range of training and workshops for years, this is usually done as part of a wider process and we’ve never offered these as a separate service before. That’s a little strange, actually, because much of our training is perfectly suited for stand-alone deployment in cases where specific targeting is needed.


You can see our initial offering on our website:

This selection will soon be expanded with more of our training courses, workshops, master classes and webinars. Some of these will be offered free of charge, and many are available in three different languages (Dutch / English / German). Almost all our training courses can be completed online or offline, in-company and they can also be tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. So why not get in touch with Gert Veldhuis at 085 – 487 29 01 or to find out more?

Even more news!

We are currently working on several other new projects. Gert Veldhuis recently talked to us about our new module ‘Digital Transformation: the future-proof working environment’. You can find his blog post on the subject here: Letting go of ‘the old normal’- an integrated approach to modern working.


We will have some major international news very soon. And of course … we wille be continuing our series of interviews about (modular) digital transformation.


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