Webinar: Successful implementation & user adoption of Microsoft Teams

Webinar: Successful implementation & user adoption of Microsoft Teams

We organize regular editions of our webinar on ‘Successful implementation & user adoption of Microsoft Teams’, and you can attend the webinar free of charge. It is particularly relevant for CTOs and IT managers who are responsible for Microsoft Teams within their organization, or who would like to start using it.

The webinar is designed to follow on from Marcel Besteman’s interview on implementing and adopting Microsoft Teams: Getting Microsoft Teams up and running ‘as quickly as possible’: every IT manager’s dream – or is it a nightmare?. Every online meeting includes a dicsussion of the following subjects:

  • the importance of a structural approach when introducing Teams,
  • the Service Adoption approach,
  • decisions at the strategic, tactical and operational levels,
  • the importance of a clear governance structure,
  • the options if you are already using Teams within your organization.

And of course, there is always time to answer your specific questions about Teams, too.


For more information and signing up, please contact Gert Veldhuis at + 31 (0)85 – 487 29 01 or gert.veldhuis@transitionexperts.nl. You can also sign up for this webinar below.