Strategic Digital Transformation workshop <br> for senior management

Strategic Digital Transformation workshop
for senior management

Is your organization struggling to keep up with the almost endless opportunities, possibilities and risks of digital transformation? As a manager, do you sometimes find it difficult to present a compelling vision or to identify the right digital strategy and priorities? This interactive workshop will ensure that you and your team are fully informed about all the opportunities, and the potential impact of digital transformation on your organization.

The workshop is made up of four interactive sessions, during which we work on complex issues, develop a clear strategy and identify the tools required to take the process to the next level. To do this, we will apply an integrated approach, which means ensuring that your vision for digital transformation and your digital strategy are fully aligned with your business objectives.


This workshop is designed to mesh perfectly with our Modular Digital Transformation approach, and lays the groundwork for the development of a robust digital strategy.

By the end of this workshop…

  • Every participant will have a good basic understanding and knowledge of digital transformation and digital trends, with a specific focus on their own organization and industry / sector.
  • They will be able to develop (or to rethink) their organization’s digital strategy, and take this strategy to the next level. This is what the support provided during these interactive, hands-on sessions is designed to help them achieve.
  • Participants will be able to identify priorities and develop a clearer picture of the impact of digital transformation on their organization.

Highlights at a glance

  • Objective: To develop employees’ insight and awareness. We will take a deep dive and discover what digital transformation means for the organization. We will work on a vision or strategy, and ensure full alignment between digital transformation and your business objectives.
  • Target group: Directors, senior management.
  • Duration: Four interactive online sessions, half a day each.
  • Investment required: Please contact us.

Would you like to know more about this workshop?

We will be more than happy to customize the workshop to incorporate a focus on specific situations or issues within your organization. The workshop can be given both online and on location. We also offer an employee-level version of the workshop. If you have any specific questions or requirements, please feel free to contact us to discuss these.


For more information please contact Gert Veldhuis at +31 (0)85 – 487 29 01 or