Digital Transformation Workshop: <br> Skillset & Mindset for employees

Digital Transformation Workshop:
Skillset & Mindset for employees

Does your team have a good understanding of what digital transformation means for your organization, and the opportunities, expectations and possibilities that it brings? Or maybe you would like to start work on digitization within your organization, but your employees do not yet have the right mindset or skills? In this workshop, we prepare employees and teams to acquire the right skills and attitudes, laying the groundwork for a successful digital transformation in your organization.

Digital Transformation can affect every process within your organization – from the way your employees work to the technological infrastructure that you use. That’s why we believe in an integrated approach – because employees’ skills and attitudes are vital to success.


This workshop meshes perfectly with our Modular Digital Transformation approach, and lays the groundwork for employees who are or will be actively affected by Digital Transformation.

By the end of this workshop…

  • Your employees will understand what digital transformation means and be better prepared for the transformation within your organization.
  • They will have a clearer picture of the impact that digital transformation can have on the organization, and their role in it.
  • They will have practised applying various digital concepts, which they can continue to do independently.

Highlights at a glance

  • Objective: To develop employees’ insight and awareness. What does digital transformation mean to them? How will it change their day-to-day work, and what opportunities and possibilities does it bring?
  • Target group: professionals in IT, marketing, sales and related fields. Digitally-minded employees who want to know more about the skillset and mindset required to make a success of digital transformation. The workshop transcends departments, bringing together marketing, sales, IT and business. The workshop can be provided as a stand-alone training course or accompany a specific process within Modular Digital Transformation.
  • Duration: Four interactive sessions, half a day each, plus 1 hour of preparation (‘homework’) per session.
  • Investment required: Please contact us.

Would you like to know more about this workshop?

We will be more than happy to customize the workshop to incorporate a focus on specific situations or issues within your organization. The workshop can be given both online and on location. We also offer a management-level version of the workshop. If you have specific questions or requirements, please feel free to contact us to discuss these.


For more information please contact Gert Veldhuis at + 31 (0)85 – 487 29 01 or