CIO as a Service

CIO as a Service

Do you need the know-how and experience of a CIO on demand? But a dedicated, full-time CIO is a step too far for your organization right now? This is exactly the gap that CIO as a Service is designed to fill. Our experienced IT and information managers are at home operating at management level, and will be happy to get to work for your organization.

CIO as a service is the perfect solution for many smaller and medium-sized organizations which, for whatever reason, have no CIO on their payroll. Because for some projects, issues or policy questions, the support of a CIO is simply invaluable.


CIO as a Service gives you exactly what it says: an experienced IT and information manager on call, whenever you need them. They can support your organization in areas such as:

  • Developing and maintaining IT strategy and policy for your organization.
  • Reviewing, prioritizing, managing and monitoring IT initiatives and projects.
  • Developing and updating the annual IT budget.
  • Arranging internal and external staffing for projects: creating a job profile, recruitment and selection, management and evaluations.
  • Monitoring the quality of existing IT and IM projects, and ensuring responsive management.
  • Setting up and maintaining project methodology, templates and governance.
  • Managing new and existing IT (service) contracts and/or supplier relationships.
  • Temporarily managing your entire in-house IT organization.

We make sure that an experienced and effective CIO is available whenever your organization needs it. They can be the perfect your sparring partner – someone who knows your organization well and knows exactly what is going on. An expert who has an extensive network of IT specialists in all the right areas within easy reach, including at the international level where necessary.


For long-term or short-term projects, planned projects or emergency situations. Support exactly when you need it. The right person on hand, every time.

Which companies and organizations choose CIO as a Service?

CIO as a Service is particularly suited to smaller and medium-sized organizations because the ‘as-a-service’ approach gives them the flexibility and efficiency they need. They benefit from continuity and reliable support, without the cost of paying a full-timer.


Having said that, these advantages can apply just as much to larger organizations that need an extra pair of hands or or a fresh pair of eyes. Or for companies that need reliable support right away because they are temporarily without a CIO or are undergoing a reorganization. The as-a-service approach can be very useful in all these scenarios.

How does CIO as a Service work?


The first step is to decide together on the scope of our partnership. We will kick off with a short but intensive introductory meeting to find out about your organization and how the business fits together. You can see this as the onboarding phase, when we make sure that we have all the knowledge and resources in-house to provide your organization with the best possible service.



Then we can get started, taking into account the scope of support that has been agreed. We usually find that the CIO has a long list of points to work on. Which of these will be addressed will depend on the strengths and weaknesses of your IT organization.


These points could include the following:

  • Service Portfolio Management and Service Development
  • Project Portfolio Management and Project Delivery
  • Service Delivery and Service Management
  • Sourcing(strategy) and offshoring
  • Selecting suppliers and products
  • Supplier Management and Contract Management
  • IT Financial Management
  • IT Strategy and Roadmap
  • IT Architecture and developing standards
  • Digitalization
  • Keeping up with the sector and market trends
  • Optimizing or restructuring your IT organization and roles
  • Coachen for IT employees
  • Integrating Managed Services
  • Simplifying and streamlining your IT environment
  • Transition management and change management

There will be periodic consultation throughout our partnership, and of course the CIO will be involved in specific issues.

What does it cost?

We use a flexible model that lets you choose for yourself how much you want to use our services. Time is one factor in this, but there are also factors such as response time, contract duration and a permanent primary contact person. You will pay a fixed amount per month, based on the service package that you choose.


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“Our own CIO is still a step too far for our organization. So we asked Transition Experts to develop and monitor our IT strategy, in terms of both vision and budget. It’s very convenient always having an experienced manager to turn to – somebody who really understands our organization.”

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