CIO as a Service means you always have an expert on hand

CIO as a Service means you always have an expert on hand

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To unleash the strategic power of IT in your organization you need somebody with the right experience and expertise. Someone who is always looking one step ahead and who can make sure that you stay competitive – both now and in the future. Do you need the know-how of a seasoned CIO on a regular basis, but you don't want a full-time position on your payroll? CIO as a service could be the right solution for you.

A dedicated CIO is not always cost-effective for small and medium-sized organizations, and not always necessary either. Often, the general manager runs the organization, along with the head of finance and the head of IT. Each departmental head then ensures that their own division is pulling its weight and everything is running smoothly.


But… managing means looking ahead. Can you be confident that your organization will still be able to keep pace in 3, 5 or 10 years from now? Maybe you are lacking a clear vision and strategy, or maybe you need a sparring partner. A CIO can provide the right support right away, helping to build bridges within the business and making sure that the right people are doing the right things. This makes the as-a-service approach very useful, because you always know for sure that you have the right support on hand when you need it.

How does it work?

With CIO as a service, we provide every organization with a CIO who knows the business and knows what is going on. It’s flexible and efficient, and continuity is guaranteed. Because for some projects, issues or policy questions, the support of a CIO is simply invaluable.


That includes developing your IT strategy and policy, drawing up and updating the annual IT budget or managing new and existing contracts. The CIO can also support senior IT managers within the existing IT organization and assess and prioritize IT projects.

In practice

A few months ago, we interviewed Dirk van Sichem about CIOaaS. He explained to us how it works in practice. You can read the interview here: CIO as a Service: an experienced, dedicated and flexible expert on call for your organization.


If we had to choose a hot topic for this year, it would have to be the transformation of the work environment. Driven in part by the COVID19 pandemic, and in part by the digital developments that were already underway worldwide. And of course, this is one area where CIO as a Service can help you to make progress.


Are you unsure what steps your (IT) organization needs right now? Would you like support in formulating a vision and strategy for your organization or an IT strategy? CIO as a Service can provide you with exactly that. Why not get in touch with Gert Veldhuis on 085 – 487 29 01 or at He will be happy to share his expertise with you.

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