Transition Management

Transition Management

Overview, trust and control – everything you need, making sure you won’t lose sleep over an IT transition. And that is exactly what we can realise for you. Transition Experts supports transitions from A to Z. From preparation up to and including moving and management. Always with you in control, and confident it will all work out.


Transitions are complex projects which require meticulous support. And transitions always mean extra work. And different parties have to be brought in line. People have to be freed up, while they are actually required to keep everything going. And then we haven’t even mentioned planning and possibly exceeded budgets.


All good reasons to consider IT transitions as a necessary evil. The good news is: that really isn’t necessary.

Specialists in transition management

We are all too aware of this struggle as Transition Experts. And we have the right knowledge, experience and motivation to allow every transition to take place in a smooth and carefree manner.


Depending on the requirements and wishes, we will organise the entire transition, or parts of it, complete with everything involved. Making sure the continuity of the operational management doesn’t need to be interrupted. We act as a contact point and, if desired, bear project responsibility. We simply ensure matters come together.


Are you curious about what we could do for your organisation? Would you like to have a no-obligation introduction or exchange ideas? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

So how does that work?

The following subjects play an important role when executing a transition from A to Z:

  • Transition Readiness Assessment
    We examine to what extent the organisation and the supplier are ready for a transition. We list what still needs to be done and what the points of attention are for a quick start. Costs and risks play an important role in this regard. The assessment provides a complete image of the starting situation, which serves as the basis for the Transition Roadmap.
  • Transition Plan
    The whole route is described in this plan, with all the activities which play a role in the transition. We apply phasing to this, including realistic planning and a roadmap.
  • Transition Resourcing
    We determine who will execute and/or support the transition with the aid of the transition plan. Sometimes the transition can be executed by one person. Sometimes a team of architects, project managers, technical specialists and service managers is compiled.
  • Transition Aftercare
    The project is not yet complete after the transition. Evaluation in the form of a discussion or a final report is important in order to determine whether further after-care is necessary. This could include temporary supervision and user support of the workplaces or temporary support of the administrators.

A transition naturally includes a multitude of different steps. A standard step by step plan is not enough, as every organisation and every transition is different. We will be happy to show you what we can do for your organisation. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for an introduction!