Transition Consultancy

Transition Consultancy

We provide our customers with advice prior to and during transitions. Our independent transition managers will provide you with years of experience and expertise. For sound advice before and during your transition project.


Our name says it all: Transition Experts, our focus is on the transition phase. We bring complex projects to a successful conclusion with a team of very experienced transition managers and other specialists (such as architects, service managers, contract managers, etc.). We can take over (a part of) the transition, or advise you and assist with the management of the transition.   Sometimes it’s enough to have an extra pair of eyes looking at the contracts (to be entered into). You will probably want an extra check where guaranteeing the business continuity or a test of the technical possibilities are concerned.   Are you considering a transition and are you curious about the added value an experienced transition manager can offer? Are you in the middle of a project and could you use some good advice? Is there a project in the planning, but have you become stuck during the preparations? We would be happy to think along with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation introduction.

Well begun….

… is half done. It’s no coincidence it’s a cliché: good preparation is vital for a successful transition certainly applies here too. We therefore like to be with you at an early stage. This allows us to chart the starting position prior to the transition. We look for improvement opportunities with regard to the new, desired situation. We thereby focus on the following aspects:

  • Supplier selection
  • Assessment of the contract (to be entered into)
  • Testing of the technical solution offered
  • Determining the organisation and/or the supplier’s transition willingness
  • Simplification of the IT environment (such as application reductions and standardisations)
  • Audit of transition project or transition plan

You will find more info about these aspects below. Would you like to know more about advice for IT transitions and what we can do for your organisation? Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation introduction.

How will the starting position be mapped out?

Every organisation is different, which means every transition is too. The aspects below are important for charting the starting position and searching for an improvement in the new, desired situation.

  • Supplier selection We have various points of attention for the new supplier selection process. Does the intended supplier meet the wishes and preconditions? Is the party able to support the customer where realising the objectives are concerned? We know the market and its players through and through. We analyse the possible and/or chosen suppliers for the right fit within the organisation with an internally developed standard approach.
  • Assessment of the contract (to be entered into) We would like to protect you from annoying situations during the transition and the further contract duration. That’s why we assess the contract (to be entered into) in line with these aspects, to name but a few:
    • The (description of the) offered technical solution.
    • The Service Levels (SLA) and the way in which they have been recorded. Including agreements about the method of reporting and the organisational impact of the agreements to be entered into.
    • The exit clauses: what are the supplier’s obligations if you were to choose another supplier at a later stage, or possibly decide to manage the IT yourself again?
    • The first description (the global plan) of the transition to be carried out. Has this been included in the supplier’s offer? If so, is this realistic and complete, or could you be faced with surprises during the transition?
    • We can benchmark the contract and closely examine the legal aspects together with partner organisations.
  • Testing the offered technical solution We can assess the offered technical solution upon request and test it (again) against the organisation’s set requirements and wishes. We can establish what the organisation really needs in case of a negative outcome, by means of a tested set of interviews and a thorough analysis.
  • Determining the organisation’s and/or supplier’s transition readiness We can very accurately establish whether the organisation (and/or the supplier) is/are ready for the transition process with the use of a Transition Readiness Assessment. It’s important for a clear picture of the activities necessary for preparing the own organisation (and/or the supplier), making sure the further transition runs smoothly.
  • Simplification of the IT environment A complex IT environment results in a complex transition. Complexity often costs a great deal of time and money. Simplifying the IT environment prior to the transition will also make the transition simpler. Just compare it to moving house yourself. Do you put an effort into clearing out your old house and choosing a new house beforehand? Then the move will take less time and require fewer packing boxes. If you take a thorough approach, you will also need less movers and a smaller removal van. Perhaps you could even buy a smaller house! We see this principle reflected in IT transitions. We will often still be clearing up during the transition. Every cupboard is opened and this often produces surprises. We have therefore become quite skilled at quickly finding and clearing applications, servers and other IT components. For instance, by choosing smart standards or merging environments. But we prefer to do that before the movers are breathing down our necks. We can simplify large parts of the IT environment in advance, based on transition readiness or based on our own findings within the organisation.
  • Audit of transition project or transition plan We assess the feasibility of the transition plan or current transition projects. We test various important parts during this process. Is the chosen approach the right one for a successful migration? Can the objectives be realised? And how extensive is the expertise of the teams and (external) parties involved? How is the project plan built up in terms of cost structure, planning, internal and external communication? Is the scope clear and complete? The result of such an audit is compact and practical advice about adjustments within the approach, organisation and/or objective. Without nice theoretical stories, but with sound knowledge of the practice. We could also support you with implementing the adjustments or executing (parts of) the transition, if so desired.

Are you curious about our vision of your transition project? Do you need an extra pair of eyes, or do you want to know what added value Transition Experts can offer? Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation introduction.