Just a small slice of digital transformation for me...

Just a small slice of digital transformation for me...

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You might have seen it already at the launch of our new website: we have a new proposition for you! And we call it... Modular Digital Transformation. We’ve been working hard on this ‘digital transformation’ thing for years already. But the modules, they’re something new!

Anyone who works in IT or anyone who regularly uses IT services will know that the digital transformation has become one of the biggest buzzwords of the century. Well, it’s an umbrella term – flexible, versatile, you can drop into almost any sentence… but it doesn’t always tell you all that much. So we would like to change that.


What do we at Transition Experts mean by the digital transformation?


“The use of digital technology to achieve a radical improvement in the performance of an organization and/or to expand their business.”


The Digital Transformation has probably affected every process within your organization, the way your employees work and the technical infrastructure that you use. Our approach focuses on how well these three aspects fit together within your organization.


We make the phrase ‘digital transformation’ actually mean something by dividing it up into clear themes. Coherent modules – with a beginning, a middle and an end. These modules include things like big data, cloud services, RPA. They also include less technical areas, such as contract management and user experience monitoring.


And we call it… Modular Digital Transformation.

So how does it work?

The modules enable you to focus very specifically on one aspect of digital transformation. So that you can quickly get to work on the areas that will yield the most profit, or the bottlenecks that are holding back innovation.


And the modules are also easy to combine. Of course, the solutions are always tailor-made. Every organization is different, so we always work according to your specific needs and preferences.


A selection of the modules that we currently offer:


Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Augmented Reality (AR) | Big Data | Blockchain | Document Management & Collaboration | Identity and Access Management (IAM) | Internet of Things (IoT) | Legacyless IT | Microsoft 365 | Modern Workplace | Mobile app development | Robotic Process Automation (RPA) | Smart to the Cloud | Virtual Reality (VR)


And some less technical modules:


CIO as a Service | Contract Management | Information Security | Legal | Service Management | Supply Chain Management | User Experience Monitoring (UXM)


Perhaps you already have a clear idea of which areas will enable your organization to make the most of the opportunities that are out there, and so you already know that you want to get straight down to work with, say, Microsoft 365 or the Internet of Things.


But… it could be that there are other opportunities that you didn’t yet have a clear idea of, or obstacles that are standing in the way of the digital transformation within your organization. We can help you with those issues, too. We can start by identifying the opportunities and threats for your organization, so that you can decide on your priorities once you have a clearer picture.

Who are our people?

In addition to our own team, we work also with a large team of 100+ independent IT professionals. Specialists who enjoy working on projects with us and for us. These are people with plenty of experience, specialists in all kinds of different areas and with a wide variety of backgrounds and experience.


We have developed our modules in conjunction with these experts. Take blockchain, IAM and RPA, for example. The knowledge of these specialists, combined with our expertise in transition and transformation, means that we can offer every module as a comprehensive process package.

So what next?

If you would like to find out more about what we can offer you, our website is the best place to start: Modular Digital Transformation. This information will soon be available for each individual theme, too. And … you’ll also be able to find out more on LinkedIn!


We are currently working on a series of interviews with our experts, each spotlighting a particular module. If you would like to receive these in your mailbox automatically, you can sign up for our newsletter.


We’ll be kicking off next week with an interview with Marcel Besteman, who is a partner at Transition Experts and has a wealth of experienced in adopting and implementing Microsoft Teams. He’ll be talking about how you can get the most out of this highly versatile platform. Shortly after that, we’ll have interviews on CIO as a Service, Office 365, Blockchain and many other themes.


If you would like to find out more right away, you can contact us directly here on LinkedIn, via gert.veldhuis@transitionexperts.nl or on +31 (0)85 487 29 01. We’ll be happy to tell you all about it!

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