Transition Resourcing

Transition Resourcing

Do you need people with specific knowledge or experience? Support or extra manpower around a transition? Then we help you with the right people at the right place. Call them passionate, fans, crazy about our profession... our people ‘thrive’ on IT transitions and are committed to bringing complex projects to a successful completion together.


Our team of professionals consists of a large number of very experienced specialists. Including transition managers, senior project managers, technical specialists, architects, service managers, contract managers and consultants. With years of experience in digital transformation and IT transitions. And perhaps just as importantly, they are committed to bringing your complex project to a successful completion.

About the team

Transition Experts consists of a core team of partners, project managers and transition managers. You will find a large network of professionals around our team, who are happy to get to work for us and with us on a project basis. Specialists in all branches of sport, with a wide variety of backgrounds and experience, but all with the same Transition Experts quality and approach.


It’s important to know that Transition Experts always acts as a permanent contact point and responsible party. We realise like no other that our quality stands or falls with the people we use. We therefore greatly value “the right person at the right place”.


We are not a secondment agency, matchmaker or transfer agency for staff. We do not supply ‘handymen’. What we do supply is: a permanent contact point. Responsibility. Personal contact, an eye for detail. A team that does everything possible to achieve a good end result.   Want to know more? Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation introduction.

Assignment responsibility

We know what our added value is within a project. This is why we like to take assignment responsibility for projects, sometimes at a fixed cost. We often also work together with experienced partner companies. This could involve, for example, support for specific sub-areas of a transition, such as staff, legal matters or logistics.

Reinforcement for other IT projects

Taking on and executing transition projects is our core business. In addition, we also offer temporary reinforcements for other types of IT projects and programmes. We have a broad team of specialists, including architects, packagers, Microsoft specialists, VDI specialists, (technical) project managers and project and programme managers. This team is composed of experienced professionals, whereby we set high requirements regarding quality and “the right person at the right place”. Curious about what Transition Experts can do in this area? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to think along with you.