Working with the right partners will always result in the best possible work. Although we operate 100% independently, there are, of course, various parties we regularly work with. You will find a number of these organisations on this page.

‘Smart to the cloud’ collaboration

Smart to the Cloud is a collaboration with three independent partners, with which we offer a ‘one stop shop’ with all the relevant knowledge in the cloud area. We do so together with architects from Metis IT, lawyers from Pels Rijcken and security experts from Northwave. Read more about ‘Smart to the cloud‘.


TPA Community Outsourcing Hub

The relationship between Outsourcing Hub and Transition Experts originates back to the time when ‘the Hub’ was in its infancy. We became one of the five knowledge partners who contributed ideas as early adopters regarding developments and opportunities for Outsourcing Hub in 2015.


Since then we have also been known within the Hub as ‘TPA Community‘. TPA stands for Third Party Advisor: self-employed professionals who assist the requesting or supplying party in a sourcing project. We offer a few advantages as the TPA Community. For example, as a self-employed professional via us, you are eligible for an upgrade of your subscription to Outsourcing Hub free of charge. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Knowledge Partner iSourcing Hub

Recently, Transition Experts joined as a Knowledge Partner at iSourcing Hub, a new initiative within Outsourcing Hub. As Knowledge Partner in the domain ‘Transition & Transformation’ our expertise helps with the drawing up and maintaining of smart questions in the public library. Every iSourcing Hub user can make use of this. This is one of the blogs written about this: A smooth and carefree IT transition… how do you organise that?



Booklet #denknoueersteensnajoh!

We published #denknoueersteensnajoh! in 2016. A practical booklet about preparing, planning, managing and executing sourcing transitions and all this involves. Various partners contributed to this publication: Verdonck, Klooster & Associates (VKA), Outsourcing Hub and Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn. Read more about #denknoueersteensnajoh!