Transition Tools & Methods

Transition Tools & Methods

We readily admit: even the best transition manager can’t do without a toolbox. As well as the ‘standard’ project management tooling, we offer various internally developed systems and processes. Based on years of experience.

A complete and sound administration is an absolute must if you want to stay in control. A continual up-to-date place where all the matters which really count come together. We have developed various tools and methods which we use for almost all projects. You will find a few examples on this page.   Curious about our approach and vision, or would you like to use these tools & methods for an own project? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


We have developed the InControl© tool, based on best practices, which supports the entire transition process from beginning to end. InControl© provides the project team continually up-to-date data, including reports which provide a direct insight into the project progress. For a smooth, carefree transition.

Transition Experts Realisatie Methode TERM©

Every well managed project uses a project management methodology. Frequently used methods are Prince2, PMP, PMBOK or IPMA. There are also many corrupted versions, possibly supplemented with their own addition of personal check lists and templates.