12½ years of transitions and transformations

12½ years of transitions and transformations

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Sometimes, a special date comes around that leaves you asking ‘where did all the time go?’ It seems like almost yesterday that we launched Transition Experts – and yet we’ve now been around for 12½ years. And although that might not seem like a round number to everybody, in the Netherlands 12½ years is an important anniversary that has to be celebrated!

When we went along to the Chamber of Commerce to register our new business in the summer of 2010, we had no idea where we would end up. Of course, we knew what we were getting into. Four seasoned freelancers with an extensive network and a wealth of experience in transition projects – and ambitious plans to build something even bigger together. In that sense, the road ahead was clear.


Maybe you were there too at that first meeting, when we pitched our ideas for Transition Experts to a large group of professionals and potential clients. Those ideas proved popular, and there was plenty of work to be done straight away. Now, 12½ years later, all those grand plans have been put into effect. And when we look back at the past few years, so much more has been achieved on top – things that we would never have predicted.


Leaps and bounds


From that ‘team of four freelancers’, Transition Experts has grown to become a powerful partner that can take care of every aspect of a transition process. We are now an international company that has overseen hundreds of projects and assignments, and we offer a much wider range of services than we ever could have envisaged.


Over the past 12½ years…

  • We have delivered transitions and transformations in the Netherlands and Germany, large European and global projects, and projects specifically in Asia.
  • We have served dozens of clients – from SMEs to large multinationals and a range of government organisations.
  • We now have a presence in Germany and the Asia-Pacific Region, in addition to our base in the Netherlands.
  • We have built up a network of 500+ freelancers and partners in the Netherlands, Germany and the Asia-Pacific Region.
  • We have developed many applications using our modular digital transformation proposition, aimed at current developments such as smart to the cloud, CIO as a Service and help me on M365.

A good reason to celebrate!


The core team and partners spent a wonderful weekend near the German-Dutch border to celebrate this milestone last weekend. We began in ‘die zweite Heimat’ of Transition Experts with a hike in a nature reserve where we were joined by a herd of Highland cattle, followed by a wonderful Michelin-starred dinner and an overnight stay in the Sallandse Heuvelrug. A great time was had by all.


It was a memorable weekend, and one that we will be able to look back fondly on in years to come. Transition Experts is built on the shoulders of a broad network of clients, independent professionals and partners. It has been an immense pleasure working with you over the past decade-and-a-bit. We are grateful for the confidence you have placed in us!

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