10 Years of Transition Experts!

10 Years of Transition Experts!

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This week we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of Transition Experts. That’s an important milestone! The decade since 2010 has been full of change processes, transitions and transformations. So much has changed over the past decade ...

In the middle of 2010, we started out as a partnership between four freelancers who had experience of implementing transitions, with the aim of serving and supporting other organizations. We had quite an extensive network between us when we embarked on this adventure. Anybody who knew us at that time may recall the meeting where we presented our ideas for Transition Experts to a large group of professionals and potential clients… It was an exciting time, full of potential!


We spent the first year working on some exciting projects for Ernst & Young and IBM, among others. We moved into our first office, located on Papendorpseweg in Utrecht. And of course there were a lot of extras to arrange: drawing up our first invoices, choosing a corporate identity, the first website… It was a bit chaotic at times, but we have some very fond memories!


Ten years down the line and we can look back on a good portfolio of projects and clients. We have built up a wonderful team around us, including an extensive network of valuable professionals. We are very grateful for their important contribution over the past ten years!


During that time, we have grown from a ‘team of four freelancers with experience of transitions’ to a significant partner that is able to take care of every aspect of a client’s transition processes. And we now operate internationally, with a presence in Germany and the Asia-Pacific region. Our range of services has expanded considerably and these days we often become involved in projects much earlier in the process: from the initial designs all the way through to the final stage. This is a very positive development that makes both us and our clients happy.


Today, we will be taking a moment to reflect on the past ten years. So many successful projects and exciting assignments. And so many great clients, independent professionals and partners, who we have enjoyed working with immensely. We want to thank you for your confidence in us over the past ten years! And we would like to raise a glass to the next ten years (even if that can only be done on Microsoft Teams). Cheers!

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